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What do we offer?

With our 18ft swimming pool we offer the chance for the dogs who enjoy water to have a good splash. The pool can be used for hydrotherapy, leisure or just to cool down in the hot days. Dogs must be supervised at all times by their owners.

Don’t forget that 5 minutes of exercise in water is the equivalent of a 5 mile run on dry land, so swimming is also a great alternative for owners who can’t get out and about with their dog as much as they’d like.

And whilst swimming for health reasons or simply for fun are great ways to enjoy our pool, it’s also a perfect way to increase your dog’s safety. 

Whilst your dog might be happy to plunge into the nearest lake or river, you may not be as tempted to join in!  Our hydrotherapy pool provides a clean, safe, hygienic opportunity to share the joy of swimming and playing with your dog either alone or with friends.

Our pool parties offer unlimited fun and games with as many dogs and adults as you’d like in the pool – with children and other non-swimmers welcome to gather in the poolside seating area where you can also share food, photographs and games.





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