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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we aim to answer the frequently asked questions, however if you still have further questions please feel free to contact us and a member of the team will happily assist you.


1. I want to visit before booking a service?

We always insist in booking a Meet & Greet beforehand so we can show you our facilities and explain in more detail what we do and how we do it.

2. How old does my dog need to be to start day care?

For a full day we don’t take dogs younger than 6 months. Any younger, the would have difficulty to cope with a full day. We do have options to ease them into day care gradually building up from 2h, to half a day and then a full day.

3. I want to book dog walking, do you collect the dogs from my house?

Yes, we collect the dogs, take them to our secure field for 1h and then drop them back home. This is included in the price.

4. Do you offer collection and drop off for day care?

Yes we do at an additional cost.

5. I want to socialise my puppy, what can I do?

We have puppy play dates on Saturday mornings. These are very popular. We need to highlight it is not training, just a safe environment for the puppies to interact with each other. All owners are responsible for their own dogs and are present at the session and a staff member will also be present to ensure the session runs smoothly. We also have other options such as dog walking and day care which can be discussed at a Meet & Greet.

6. My dog is reactive but I need dog walking?

Yes, we offer solo walks.

7. Can I pay cash or when we arrive?

No, all payments must be made online or via BACS at the time the booking has been accepted.

8. How do I book a service?

You need to create an account on our website you will immediately receive an activation email (check your spam folder as it sometimes slips in there). Once the account is activated you can download TIME TO PET from the App Store or Google Play and login with your details and set up your pets details, book services and pay on there too. For dog walking, day care and drop in home visits a Meet & Greet is needed.

9. I have booked a package for field hire, do these expire?

With the field hire packages, you can book your slot as and when as these do not expire. .

10. Is the field hire exclusive use for me and my dog?

Yes, you will have exclusive use of the paddock. You are welcome to bring a guest with their dog(s) as long as they also create an account and register their dog for insurance purposes..

11. I have a reactive dog but I need day care?

Unfortunately we can’t take reactive or miss behaved dogs as the are with other dogs and we can have major disruptions for the group and staff.

12. Do you take un neutered dogs?

Yes we do. However we advise to neuter dogs as this could cause disruption in behaviour. If we see it becomes an issue we would have to discuss further.

13. Do you have parking on site?

Yes we do.

14. I’m not good with technology, can you help me book my session?

Yes, someone will happily assist you.

15. Do you do boarding/ overnight stays?

Unfortunately we don’t at the moment but it is in the pipeline to start offering this service.

16. Do the dogs interact with other dogs at day care?

Yes they do, the are with other dogs throughout the day and supervised by staff at all times.


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