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What To Expect

  • Both a professional, polite and warm greeting when you speak to or meet us, and an absolute commitment to you and your pet, as extended members of our family.

  • A detailed pet information/booking form that is an initial pain (sorry!) because we need lots of important information from you to ensure we are properly equipped to look after your pet on an ongoing basis and to ensure we also comply with our licensing obligations. 

  • An initial ‘Meet and Greet and Trial’ when we meet you and your pet to understand you and pet’s needs and to ensure we are also suitably equipped to fulfil our obligations under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

  • A discussion with us on your dog’s planned activities and its general health and behaviour prior to our service, if required.

  • A trial prior to our service, to familiarise your dog with us, our day care centre & its new surroundings and to ensure that an evaluation can be made on the suitability of our services for your pet and for us.

  • A commitment and ongoing communication from us, to keep you informed immediately if issues arise or problems are found during your pet’s service experience with us.

  • Assurance that we are fully insured, providing protection for your pet whilst in our care. A copy of our insurance is available on request.

  • Reassurance that we have a duty of care to your pet throughout its service experience and undertakes to abide by the five animal needs as set out in the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

  • Assurance that your pet carer is pet first aid trained and has access to a vet in the event of an accident or emergency.

  • Your dog’s collar will be replaced with a secure, comfortable collar that is embroidered with our name and contact details whilst your pet is in our care.

  • Assurance that when we transport your pet, your dog will not be left unattended in a vehicle, and it will be transported comfortably, using a suitable harness and in a vehicle with adequate ventilation and temperature control.

  • You will be advised as soon as possible if any illness develops whilst your dog is in our care.

  • All pets in our care will be checked at least once daily or more regularly as necessary to check for any signs of pain, suffering, injury, disease or abnormal behaviour.

  • Vulnerable animals will be checked more frequently. Any signs of pain, suffering, injury, disease or abnormal behaviour will be recorded and the advice and further advice (if necessary) of a vet will be requested.

  • Transparent answers to your questions.

  • You can relax in the knowledge that your pet will be cuddled, stroked, cosy, warm, loved, played with and kept in the upmost comfort throughout their stay

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