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Dog Walking

It is no secret that dogs thrive on walks and outdoor time. Much like humans, dogs need their daily dose of sunshine and fresh air. We understand that your schedule may not always have room for walking your dog. And that’s where Paws n Klaws comes to the rescue. We offer individual or group walks, depending on what suits them. You can book a dog walk with us in just a few clicks. We customise the walk according to the needs of your dog. From long brisk walks to shorter strolls, we help your dog get some exercise and fresh air.

Doggy Day Care

Paws n Klaws does not operate like traditional kennels. Every dog in our care is socialised with other dogs and supervised at all times., For this reason we need to ensure all dogs are good with other dogs. They also have their own separate space for rest times throughout the day without being interrupted by other dogs. Within our 3 acres of land, we have indoor and outdoor space.

Pool Parties

With our 18ft pool we offer the chance for dogs who enjoy a good splash to do it in a safe, clean and hygienic pool. Enjoy with your dogs as well as family and friend.

Secure Field Hire

We currently have a set up for exclusive hire 3 acres of a fully secured field with 6 foot fencing separated in different paddocks to cater to different types of dogs to run freely off lead in a safe environment without the worry of them running off. Each paddock will be double gated to minimise the risk for those four legged escape artists. We also have equipment for the dogs to play with and paddling pools for a good splash about on hot days. Human companions will have a seating area with shelter and access to toilets and running water. Parking is also available.

Drop In Home Visits

We understand you may have apprehensions about leaving your pet in the hands of a total stranger. Whether you are away for a few days or you work away from home for long hours and you need someone to drop in to feed your pets, give them fresh water and a toilet break and even change their litter, you can always count on us to do that for you so you can sit back and enjoy your time away.

Dog Birthday Parties

Let us throw an epic birthday party for your dog and their four legged friends. We have a few packages depending on what your want for their great day!

Puppy Play Dates

Since lockdown, we have seen the impact on dogs who haven't had the opportunity to socialise with people or dogs. We decided to do our part to make a difference starting with puppy socialisation. We hold puppy play date sessions on Saturdays. These are not training lessons, but play dates where pups have the opportunity to interact and socialise with other puppies in a safe environment. All owners must be present and responsible for their dogs and we will also have a staff member present to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Dog Hotel

Discover the ultimate haven for your furry companions at our brand new Dog Hotel. We've reimagined the traditional kennel concept to create a home away from home environment that will truly transform your dog's life. With spacious individual rooms, shared accommodations for same household dogs, and a dedicated staff providing round-the-clock care, your beloved pets will experience comfort, luxury, and plenty of social interaction. 


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