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Difference between working dogs and household dogs

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

What Do Working Dogs and Household Dogs Do?

Both working dogs and household dogs are furry and lovely. But what they do is quite different. Working dogs have special skills and jobs. They can help the police, find lost people, or help those who are unwell or need extra care. Their strong senses, true loyalty, and tough training make them very helpful for humans. In this piece, we'll talk about what makes working dogs different from our pet dogs at home.

Working Dogs vs Household Dogs

Even though working dogs and household dogs are the same kind of animal, they live very different lives. Household dogs are our friends at home. They keep us company and make us happy. Working dogs, on the other hand, have very important jobs. Some dogs, called service dogs, help people who have troubles doing certain things. These dogs are trained very well, and many people see them as heroes.

Household dogs are like our family. They might not have special jobs, but they give us a lot of love and joy. They don’t go through the training that working dogs do. But they still play a big role in our lives. They love being with us and make us smile, especially when we need it.

Introducing Paws n Klaws: Your One-Stop Pet Service Provider

Paws n Klaws wants to change the way you look after your pets. We are pet owners too, so we get how tricky it can be to care for our pets while dealing with work and other things. From dog walking to day care, from visiting your home to our brand new dog hotel, Paws n Klaws has what you need to make your pet happy and healthy. Our team loves animals and is trained to give the best care for your pets.

Do you need someone to help your dog get some exercise during the day? Or maybe a cosy place for them when you're on holiday? Paws n Klaws is here for you. We know it's hard leaving your pets, so we've made sure they'll be safe and cared for. No need to worry about your pets when they're with us. Let Paws n Klaws look after them.

Dog Walking: Making your pet active and joyful

Walking the dog isn't just a short trip around the street. It's key to keeping them lively and pleased. Going for walks means they won’t be naughty at home because they're using up energy. Plus, sniffing around and seeing new things keeps their brains busy and stops them from getting bored.

Day Care: A safe and fun place for your pet

When you think of day care for pets, safety comes first. At Paws n Klaws, we make sure every dog is safe. We have special play areas and our team watches over them, so dogs can play without getting hurt or being mean to each other. And we check all the pets regularly to make sure they're healthy and not getting sick.

Drop-in Home Visits: Making your pet feel special and cared for

We all want our pets to feel safe and loved. So, the home visits by Paws n Klaws are perfect if you're busy or away a lot. Our team will visit, play with them, and make sure they have what they need. This way, your pets won't feel left out or lonely.

Why Choose Paws n Klaws for All Your Pet Needs?

Paws n Klaws is the perfect place for everything your pet needs. They have loads of services to make sure your pets are always smiling and healthy. What's special about Paws n Klaws? They really care about each and every animal, treating them like the individuals they are. From dog walks, to day care, to popping in at your house to check on them, Paws n Klaws makes sure each pet feels loved and important.

What's really cool about Paws n Klaws? Their amazing team. Everyone working there truly adores animals and they've learned loads to be the best at taking care of them. So, if you're worried about leaving your pet somewhere, with Paws n Klaws you can relax. They know what they're doing and your pets will be in safe hands.

And there's more! Paws n Klaws really wants your pets to feel safe and comfy. Just look at their brand new dog hotel. It's like a lovely holiday spot, made just for dogs. So, for all the things your pets need, Paws n Klaws is the place to go.

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